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Landline Services

Carrier Pre-select

Forest Communications are able to offer a range of business telecommunications services with the aim of reducing existing rates
whilst offering the high level of service your company requires.

Forest Communications is a reseller with all the leading tier one networks and regularly negotiate greater rates to insure the rates we offer your organisation are more cost effective than your current supplier.

It's really easy to set up as we arrange everything for you with your current supplier. You keep the same phone line and number, so there is no need for an engineer to visit and the transfer is completely seamless.

Directives from OFCOM have created complete parity with BT Retail whereby we have equal access to scheduling and the implementation of your lines through BT wholesale.

We will have full access to this resource and are able to offer you a better service having access to all the same line provisioning, fault monitoring and maintenance systems that BT Retail currently have access to, Forest Communications also provide full information on all your lines and circuits.

We will be able to take over the provision and management of your lines and provide you with not only an equivalent service but one with the following advantages:

  • Potential cost savings including the removal of any unnecessary line plant/ select services which BT has accumulated on your account over the years.
  • Single point of contact for all your telephony requirements and merging the calls, line rentals etc onto a single bill if required.
  • Visibility of what line plant is available within the premises, down to how many pairs are available within the local distribution point.
  • Identify stop lines which could very quickly be reconnected.
  • Access to the engineers appointment diary, so we arrange the time to suit you.
  • Instant access to available telephone numbers that can be reserved immediately.
  • Instantly carry out a line test, log a fault and implement or modify a temporary call divert if required.

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08*** Numbers

Non geographical and free telephone numbers consists of 0800 Free phone, 0808 Free phone, 0845 Local, 0844 Local, 0870 National and 0871 National.

Allowing your organisation to enhance the service offered to your customers as well as acting as a sales and marketing tool.