We pride ourselves on offering the
lowest rates in the market place

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Landline Services

Forest Communications are able to offer a range of business telecommunications
services with the aim of reducing existing rates whilst offering the high level of service
your company requires. read more....


Forest Communications are an independent company, so avoid the limitations and inflexibility of a single network mobile provider. read more....


We understand that in an Internet-driven world 'always on' broadband is fundamental to your business. The Broadband product is a shared service and it is difficult to give guarantees on speed and availability as usage cannot be accurately forecasted. read more....


We offer a next generation voice network delivered entirely over IP. The network has been designed to provide voice, data and wireless communication through one secure system.
read more....

Phone Systems

Forest Communications make choosing the right telephone system easy. We only recommend the best phone systems to our customers and have knowledge in all of the market leading brands to make sure that we match form and function to your needs. read more....


Marketing campaigns and advertising can be very expensive. At Forest Communications our prices are highly competitive and can be tailored to meet your budget. read more....

SMS Services

The product is an easy to use, online application that helps businesses manage their communications, contacts and costs; enabling you to send messages to the right people, at the right time. read more....


08*** Numbers

Non geographical and free telephone numbers consists of 0800 Free phone, 0808 Free phone, 0845 Local, 0844 Local, 0870 National and 0871 National.

Allowing your organisation to enhance the service offered to your customers as well as acting as a sales and marketing tool.

Mobile Network Advice

Forest Communications work with all the leading mobile phone networks.

Offering you independent advice by analyzing your call and data patterns and informing you which mobile plan would best suit your business needs.

Great Landline Savings!

Save up to 55% on cheaper business calls and 27% on cheaper line rental compared with BT.

Fax over your latest telecommunications bills to 0844 8440692 and a consultant will forward a proposal on the savings you can achieve.