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Broadband Services

We understand that in an Internet-driven world 'always on' broadband is fundamental to your business. The Broadband product is a shared service and it is difficult to give guarantees on speed and availability as usage cannot be accurately forecasted.

Mobile Broadband

Unlike other providers, we only serve business customers and offer all types of services from multiple broadband suppliers.

This means our networks are not congested by home downloaders and gamers.

The service is therefore ideal for applications like voice and video which can be QoS (Quality of Service) guaranteed against latency.

We can have your new broadband service up and running rapidly (95% within five days) and any faults are handled quickly and efficiently by a fully staffed technical team.

We also offer free IP addresses on all our ADSL lines.



Forest Max

Up to 8mb/488kbps

Forest Max Premium

Up to 8mb/832kbps

Forest Plus

Up to 24mb/1mb

Forest M

Up to 24mb/2.5mb

Forest FTTC

Up to 40mb/10mb

Forest SDSL 500

Up to 500 kbps

Forest SDSL 1mb

Up to 1mb/1mb

Forest SDSL 2mb

Up to 2mb/2mb



Great Landline Savings!

Save up to 55% on cheaper business calls and 27% on cheaper line rental compared with BT.

Fax over your latest telecommunications bills to 0844 8440692 and a consultant will forward a proposal on the savings you can achieve.