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Non-Geographic Numbers

10 Million Numbers Over Every Possible Range

For businesses of all sizes, creating the right impression is vital.

In addition to having the right website address and professional marketing collateral, it is also important to choose the right business contact number to complete the professional corporate impact.

We offer a wide range of numbers, including 09 premium rate numbers and 0800 freephone numbers. Our inbound network hosts every possible number range and via our online portal it is possible to search through our entire base to find the numbers which best suit your business. We offer online provisioning and remote re-routing facility operating in real time plus, at the click of a button, numbers are able to be re-routed.

Complex routing is also available from our own number ranges and can be managed via our online portal.

How can Inbound Services benefit you?

  • Generous monthly revenue share opportunities
  • An outstanding managed service from a reliable network
  • Quick to manage call plans through the portal, makes processes simple
  • Easy-to-use interface, backed up with quick and reliable porting, provisioning, training and support

We have the solution to meet all of your needs.


Our range of numbers

» 0800 for freephone numbers
» 0808 for freephone numbers
» 0844 for flexible call rates
» 0845 for local rate numbers
» 0870 for national rate numbers
» 0871 for flexible call rates
» 09 for premium rate numbers
» 020718 for a local presence
» 01 for all local area codes